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Browse a huge selection of sofas for sale whether you are interested in traditional sofa suites or funky designer corner sofas and much more this site has it! If you are searching for ideas then this page gives you an idea and some inspiration for buying corner sofas at a glance with the display below. Use our search facility or view by category if you know which type of sofa or perhaps, designer chair, you are specifically looking for.

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cheap leather sofas ukIf you want to buy a sofa there are bargains galore with many sales on as sofa shops and retailers compete for your business. In fact it is the exception nowadays to find a retailer not offering discounts of some kind on a part if not all of their furniture stock. Even though manufacturing costs have risen these past few years it is still a buyer’s market.

Are you looking for a corner sofa but also need an extra guest bed? If you have regular visitors stopping over or require an additional bed at any time then why not utilise the space from the living room area in a corner sofa bed. Naturally there are plenty of regular sofa beds to choose from here too but a corner sofa is a very popular solution due to families enjoying all the space one gives for seating in the living room. With the added flexibility that a corner chaise or seat offers you can easily get a great sofa bed for not much difference in price to a regular sofa.

As we spend so much time sitting, lounging, dozing, resting and sleeping on sofas, which can equate relatively to the amount of time spent in beds (depending on your lifestyle), you should choose your next sofa or sofa bed wisely as you are going to use them every day.

A sofa can make or break the design and feel of a room, however if you actually expect to enjoy quality time in your living room the sofa should be relaxing and the perfect fit for your needs i.e. do not neglect comfort over style. A great sofa can bring both warmth and comfort to the room it is often the focal point of but also a very certain style.

When arranging the layout of your living room thoughtful placement of lounge furniture will help create a calm and pleasant space ideal for the room where you spend most of your time. The living room is the focal point of a home. Ideally it should be comfortable but reflect your own particular lifestyle.

A well planned arrangement of living room furniture will ensure that your lounge looks neither too cluttered nor too empty. A creative furniture layout with proper colour combinations can make your living area up-beat, warm and comfortable. It will naturally reflect your taste and style because as you are likely to spend most of your time here a lot of “you” will rub-off as nobody would intentionally choose to relax in a space that didn’t make them feel them at ease?

It is only normal and useful to create a focal point to base your surroundings.. around! A fireplace is a great example of focal point and even in hot climates many people take advantage of the contemporary look of modern glass inbuilt fires or even fire-pits to add to a room’s style and warmth. Alternatively a serious media and sound system, a large sofa, a display of art or cabinets of exotic collectibles could be also be used. Furniture could be subtly pointed towards this focal point as accompanying furnishing.

Matching a low table with a high backed chair is not a good look or even functional. Similarly if all the heavy furniture is put in one area, the living room will look off balance. Another common blunder is to place all the lounge furniture up against the wall creating a large empty void in between. This causes people to feel as if they are in two different rooms which is alright if you are working with a huge open-plan area where this is the effect you wish to achieve. Withdraw the furniture away from the walls creating more flexibility and walking space around the room.

A popular furniture arrangement that works well is to place the sofas and chairs in an L shaped configuration providing enough space to pass in between. Place a nice rug and coffee table parallel to the sofa whilst side tables could be placed next to any chairs which need them. This ensures that everyone has can use either the coffee table or a side table.

You don’t want people sitting in your living room to have to shout to be heard when they are talking so a comfortable conversation area will help people talk easily. For example, two chairs separated by a table will always provide for easy conversation. However, if a friend is sitting more than a few feet away from you talking, or rather listening and natural conversation becomes harder. Therefor the sofa and chairs should not be too far away from each other. If you have a large living room space, sofas can be used to divide the lounge into two conversation areas.

Feel free to accessorise your living room with art, table and floor lamps, ornate wall mirrors, indoor plants and other decorative furnishings. Just a small amount of additional furnishings or accessories can work wonders to a plain room. Just make sure you mix and match with a little common sense i.e. an old painting would look out of place with a modern living room setup usually unless you went out of your way to add a very modern frame which would still be at odds with the art itself most probably. Also, giant over-sized plants or wall cabinets could clutter the place and mess up your room’s perspective. Any accessories should add colour, style or a good story to the room.

Choosing the right colour is of course a hugely important factor to consider when styling your living room. It should be in keeping or correct contrast with your selected furniture. Colours have warming and cooling effects. Intense colours can invigorate the living room with warm colours inducing relaxation. For example, using a combination of a light blue and white would produce a calm and cool feeling ideal for say a beach house retreat.

In the end though let’s face it, this is your living space and you are going to be spending a lot of time in the lounge so design it the way you want it. We hope that we have helped give you a few ideas for creating the ideal living room environment.

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